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plastering the receivers and not giving up plays
25.11.2017, 01:44
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plastering the receivers and not giving up plays
One of the small items lost in the Falcons’ 27 7 win over the Cowboys was the return of reserve linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.

A one time first round pick, Weatherspoon played four plays and seven on special teams Sunday at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

After re signing B.J. Daniels Jersey with the Falcons last season, Weatherspoon ruptured his Achilles against Carolina and was placed on injured reserve.

After checking on him during training camp, the Falcons re signed Oct. 24 after he’d fully recovered. He was inactive against the Jets and the Panthers while working he way back into game shape.

“I felt pretty good, it was just a blessing to be out there,” Weatherspoon said, “Overall body came out good, ran around well; it was fun.”

During his first three weeks with the team, Weatherspoon spent his time practicing with the team and getting re acclimated with the game speed.

“When you’re not with a team you can kind of do your own thing,” said Weatherspoon, who originally was drafted by the Falcons in the first round 19th overall of the 2010 NFL draft. “ You can wake up when you want to, then go get your work done. With a team it’s all on a schedule, it’s less flexible and I’m grateful for that.”

Weatherspoon currently is listed behind Deion Jones as the team’s backup middle linebacker.
Coach Dan Quinn has seen Weatherspoon make an impact in ways that don’t appear in the box score.

“It’s the physicality in practice, it’s the messaging behind the scenes as a veteran player, he does a lot of those things,” Quinn said. “We’re pumped to have him back, his size and physicality is different from the other linebackers.”

Weatherspoon’s versatility will be needed as the Falcons travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks on Monday night.

They’re up against quarterback Russell Wilson, who not only ranks second in the NFL in passing yards 2 ,543 but also leads his team in rushing with 290 yards on 51 carries. According to Weatherspoon, who used to spy on Wilson during his first tenure with the Falcons when he was a starter, the difference in the game will be staying disciplined for a few seconds longer than normal.

“He makes unorthodox, untimely plays so you have to do right longer,” Weatherspoon said, “They feel like regardless of the situation he can extend the play, so we have to be disciplined in that sense of making sure we’re plastering the receivers and not giving up plays too soon.”

It’s unclear where Weatherspoon’s impact will most be felt this week and in the weeks to come, but one thing is for sure, he’s ready.

“I’m 100 percent, I’m there,” Weatherspoon said, “I’ll just do whatever they need me to do. If that’s leading by example or vocally or in the background however, but I’m ready to go.”
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